Why I Will Never Take My Cat to the Vet Again

This is a story about my poor anxiety riddled cat and how she scarred me from ever going to the vet. About four years ago my family decided to get another pet. Our dog Missy had passed away, and our house was lonely. My family had decided upon getting a cat this time because they were easier to take care of. We went to the humane society and looked around all the cats. We didn’t want a kitten, because no one had the time to look after one. We found the perfect cat. She was a little over a year old (they thought since she was a stray picked up they weren’t sure), had a beautiful yellow coat, and when we picked her up she’d put her arms around your neck like she was hugging you. We took the cat home and named her Sunny. She was loving and kind and an overall great cat.

Well, the time came to take Sunny to the vet for declawing of her front paws and to get her spade (or neutered…I can never remember which is which). So my dad took her and all was fine. She was hurting a little bit, but that’s to be expected after surgery. Here’s the issue. It came to light that Sunny had already had a litter before coming to the animal shelter. Which means that she had already been in heat and that whole process. Apparently, you’re really not supposed to spade a cat after she’s already had a litter and experienced heat. When a cat is spade after a certain age it doesn’t forget. Well, I guess we didn’t realize how big of an issue this would be. Oh, but there’s more! In addition to getting her spade too old, a month later she goes back into heat! How you ask? Well…the vet missed some of her ovary or whatever he removes in the first surgery, which means she had to go back in for another surgery. Oh no, this cat was NOT happy…

So, she gets the second surgery and all is relatively fine. I go off to college and things are chill. Sunny and my relationship is peachy. Then, it comes around to the time for Sunny to go back to the vet for her annual check up. Note: she had not returned since her second surgery. My dad decides that I have to take her to the vet, and that I should take my little brother with me. And when is her vet appointment you may ask? My 19th birthday.

The day comes, and my dad warned us that she probably won’t be happy. That is the understatement of the year. My brother and I finally get her into her cage, which was already hassle enough, and we’re off to the vet.

As soon as we walk into the office, Sunny KNOWS where we are. She starts growling in her cage and pacing as best a big cat can in a little cage. We’re put back into a private room and wait for the vet tech to come and begin the exam. This poor sweet vet tech comes in unknowing of the hell that is about to be released and opens Sunny’s cage. And Sunny was free. She won’t let the vet tech touch her. Sunny is growling and hissing and I honestly didn’t know that a cat’s ears could be that flat. Somehow the vet tech wrestles Sunny enough to take her back to give her her shots and whatever else they do (you can tell I’m super knowledgeable about veterinarian practice). Sunny goes out crazy angry and insane, and the vet tech brings her back in wrapped up in a towel, and I swear my cat was high. Her pupils took up her entire eyes and she had this look of nothingness in her face. She was limp in the towel and looked just…creepy. Like she had officially lost her mind. The vet tech comes in and says something about how wrapping a cat in a warm towel calms them. Then SHE LETS SUNNY OUT OF THE TOWEL. WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT?! As soon as Sunny is out of the towel, Feral Sunny returned. She dashes underneath our chairs and begins hissing like crazy. The vet comes in (the same one who messed up Sunny’s surgery a year prior) and Sunny knows exactly who she is. That’s when she really loses it.

Have you ever heard a cat scream? YouTube it real quick. It’s one of the most terrifying noises that can ever be emitted from a living thing. I mean it’s one thing to hear it on YouTube, but to be locked in a room with the animal that is making that noise. Holy shit I thought I was going to die. The vet is trying to tell us that Sunny checked out and that she seems healthy, and she left as quickly as she could. Then that poor poor poor vet tech who absolutely does not get paid enough comes back in to try to put Sunny back into her cage so we can leave. Oh, Sunny would not have that. And I swear, in that moment, her body grew three sizes that day. She legitimately would not fit into the cage we brought her in. The vet tech leaves and comes back with two male vet techs, another vet, a large dog carrier from the clinic, and a net. The four of them wrestle this cat into a LARGE DOG CARRIER. I’m talking one a St. Bernard could fit in comfortably, and they still could barely get Sunny in there. Sunny had become Spider-Man. She was literally climbing walls and screaming and hissing and doing everything in her little cat power to not go into that cage. Of course my brother and I were standing in the corner our ears plugged mortified at how our sweet hugging cat turned into an evil feral cat.

Finally, the four trained professionals and a net succumbed Sunny to the cage and then gave her to us. I had half a mind to leave without the cat after that show. But, we paid for the trauma we had just received and left for home. As soon as we got home my brother and I stood behind the cage and let Sunny out. She started to step out carefully, and as soon as her foot hit carpet she tore off to hide underneath my parents’ bed. I looked in the cage to see that she had pooped, but had decided that I had survived enough trauma on my birthday that I think I could give myself the break of not having to clean out cat crap too.

I immediately called my dad to tell him the horror that our cat was hiding in her and that he had to clean that cat crap. To which he replied, yeah I thought it might be bad, and no you clean that cage now or it’ll stink. And that’s how my cat traumatized me of the vet and all animals and how I had to clean cat crap on my birthday.

Sunny and I have never been the same since that incident. I left for school, and every time I would come home I’d be greeted by the loving sounds of hissing and growling, and she even tried to charge me once or twice. I can never look at Sunny the same way again now that I know what she’s capable of. The vet never called us the next year for her updates.

Note: We have taken Sunny back to the vet for her shots, we just made sure she had some prescribed tranquilizers in her first. Also, we have no hard feelings towards the vet or clinic, our other cat goes there and he’s completely fine with them, Sunny just has anxiety towards any new people, and her experience with the vet certainly doesn’t help that. This is just supposed to be a humorous story about my crazy cat.


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