Holy cow have I had a time with roommates my 4 years of college. Let me tell you a quick story of why I am SOOOOO over roommates. Freshman year I start college all excited to meet new people. I get my roommate and she’s nice and other than that pretty bland…but at least she was nice. We live together less than a month and get along fine. A little awkward cause we didn’t know each other, but overall fine. Then all of sudden she says to me one morning that she’s thinking about maybe moving to a triple. She doesn’t want to make her mom pay more than she has to, so she’s looking into possibly changing rooms. I’m like okay whatever, not really thinking much about it. Later that day she tells me she found a triple and she’s moving out and by that night she was gone. Literally in less than a day I lost the one meek friend I had made in college. Luckily, the other people on my floor were chill so I became good friends with them quickly. A new girl ended up moving and we became best friends and are still friends, so it definitely turned out for the best, but it was still a roommate issue.

Sophomore year I wanted to live in my sorority house. I wasn’t great friends with anyone in the house yet, but I knew this one girl who seemed nice and texted me a bit so I thought I’d ask her to room together. We did and amazingly she actually made it to being my roommate and stayed the whole year. She got on my nerves from time to time but overall it was a good roommate pairing and I had a good time sophomore year aside from all the mental and emotional problems I was going through…

In the middle of sophomore year I had become closer with my sorority sisters and made plans with one that we would get an apartment together the next year. Well she decided to transfer and I tried to transfer until the last second I decided to stay. So there I am in like May with no where to live the next year. I kept asking my one friend if she would live with me but she wasn’t sure if she wanted a single or which suite she would live in. I was stuck in limbo. Finally she said she’d room with me and junior year living was great. We worked amazingly living together and I was much more mentally and emotionally stable by this point.

Junior year I met this girl who had transferred in that I immediately clicked with. We became really good friends really fast and it didn’t take us long to decide to get an apartment together the next year. I had decided to graduate in December and she was going to do her internship in the spring so it was perfect. Until today, when I found out that her internship was now in the fall and she was going to commute. So here I am. One semester left of school, a month and a half until school starts, and me in an apartment alone. No roommate, no one that I know needing a place to live, and the possibility of a transfer moving in. What’s even better is that the school won’t send me an email or anything whenever they assign someone to my apartment. I just have to keep checking our portal to see if it gets updated to show my new housing information, but right now it’s still showing me as living in the dorms of last year. So who knows when my portal will be updated, and I may just end up finding who I’m living with as I’m moving in. I’ll keep you posted as this progresses. Thank God I only have one more semester to deal with this.