About Me


Hey there! I can’t believe someone actually found this blog. So here’s me. I’m 20 years old and about to graduate from college in December. Over the summer I’m living with my mom, dad, and little brother while interning unpaid at my dad’s startup company. It’s great being broke and living with your parents. I’ve lived a fairly average life but also weird. I’ve always liked to write and my friends say I give great advice, so why not try a blog. I’ll tell you about growing up in a Catholic grade school then transferring to a much bigger public high school, and then moving across the country to go to college, join a sorority, and develop anxiety. You’ll get to hear my incredibly uneventful and terribly awkward encounters with boys, and how the one boy who actually likes me decides to live 3 hours away from me when I’m home. The struggles and benefits of long distance relationships, the pain of bringing your boyfriend home to your parents. The pain of struggling to lose weight and how accepting you may need extra help is not defeat. Overall just what it’s like to be me and anyone else who may relate to me. My goal with this blog is to honestly vent a little but have others be able to relate to my life and maybe help someone from time to time. So browse, find a story, hopefully laugh a bit, and enjoy your stay in my average weird life.


Update: So this blog was going to begin as sort of advice and telling stories of my life, but I can already feel it changing and growing as I begin to realize new things about myself each day. So honestly I can’t tell you what you’re going to find on this blog. But, I tag everything and am trying to categorize the best I can so use those if you’re looking for something specific or just browse and be welcomed into my world. I can promise that everything I write will be completely true. Enjoy!


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